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All audio files were pulled off  3 different cam corders from the audience,

no good quality audio was made , this is all there was !

All have a 30 second clip, the complete song and original video

4.5 Minute Video Medley Click Here (58.5meg)


Opening Song

Black Is Black

Keith Austin Vocals

tn_keith_playing_250_JPG.jpg (3527 bytes)

30 Sec     Full Song     Video

504k       2.54m          38.5M

Good Lovin'

Dana Carrier  

Vocals & Bass

tn_dana smile400_jpg.jpg (3333 bytes)

30 Sec    Full song    Video

507k       2.57m          39.1M

Evil Ways

Rex Thompson 

Vocals & Guitar

tn_rex with ooke_jpg.jpg (2445 bytes)

30 sec   Full Song   Video

507k       2.57m          39.1M

Keep On Runnin

Ran Whitehead 

Vocals & Drums


tn_PB030057_JPG.jpg (3015 bytes)

30 Sec   Full Song

549k       2.5m    

Mustang Sally

Brian McGann  

Vocals & Lead Guitar

tn_PB030050_JPG.jpg (2478 bytes)

30 sec    Full Song

530k         391k       


Hang On Sloopy

Last Song   ?

tn_full_wide_stage500_jpg.jpg (2901 bytes)

30sec     Full Song     Video

477k      3.76m            87.3


Sweet Caroline

Keith Morabeto Keyboards

30 Sec   Full Song

500k     1.6m   

It's All Over Now

Rex Thompson

Vocals & Lead Guitar

30 Sec   Full Song   Video

451k    2.97m      45m

La Bamba

Keith Austin Vocals

30 Sec    Full Song  Video

508k     2.36m     35.7m


96 Tears

Ran Whitehead  Vocals

Keith Morabeto Keyboards

30 Sec    Full Song

496k       2.51m    

I Got a Line On You

Keith Morabeto

Lead Guitar

30 Sec   Full Song

527k      2.6m  


Ferry Across The Mercy

Keith Austin  Vocals

30 Sec   Full Song  

487k       2.2m


Happy Together

30 Sec   Full Song

487         2.2m

Knock On Wood

30 Sec   Full Song

504k       2.7m

Time Won't Let Me

30 Sec    


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