Avengers 2001 Geezer  Gig

Sometime around the beginning of August Keith Morabeto(guitar & keyboard) was contacted by members of the Boynton Schoolhouse Reunion committee . They wondered if there were any Avenger members in the area that might be interested in playing at the reunion on Nov 3 , 2001. I knew that Dana Carrier(bass) and Dick Cullen(drums) were around and we had discussed maybe getting together sometime for fun. A quick phone call and it was done, but we had to limit it to just a few songs.

Emails were sent to all of the known Avengers and a phone call found Brian McGann (guitar) in Lake Worth.  Before the first practice could be done, Dick Cullen moved to Atlanta and was no longer involved. No drummer ! A good friend of ours, Wayne Barter, offered to play drums at practice for us and at the booking if no Avenger drummer could be found.

Within days, Glenn Faurot, original lead guitar (Austin Texas 1250 miles), Rex Thompson, bass (Clarksville Tenn 850 miles) and Ran Whitehead, drums (Eugene, Oregan 3200 miles) were all comming. Very soon after, Keith Austin joined and we had a full out 2 set 28 song booking.